New 1-wire sensors for the Audon Electronics TCW240 Ethernet Control Unit

Thursday, 29 May 2014  |  Admin

A new range of 1-wire based sensor interfaces have been introduced for use with the TCW240B Ethernet control unit.

altThe TCW240B is an Ethernet based multi-functional alarm and control unit with built-in web server. It includes 4 digital inputs, 4 analogue inputs and a 1-wire interface for up to 8 external sensors.

It also has 4 relay outputs with normally open and normally closed contacts. The relays can be activated remotely from the web interface or from software using SNMP, XML and HTTP API commands. The relays can also be automatically activated from the status of a monitored input, such as a temperature, exceeding a set limit. A relay can only be assigned to a single input, but every input can initiate a alert e-mail or SNMP trap on alarm.

The TCW240B also has a real time clock, so scheduled tasks can be programmed in either single or with a continual daily/weekly basis.

Three new 1-wire interface modules have now been introduced in addition to the existing temperature and humidity sensors: the TCS200 is an current module for both AC and DC currents up to 15A, the TSV200 is a voltage module with a 60V input range and the TSA200 is a 4-20mA current loop interface. All modules feature galvanic isolation and dual RJ11 connectors for easy daisy chaining on the 1-wire bus.


The large number of digital and analogue inputs, the 1-wire sensor bus and relay outputs makes TCW240B a good choice for various application such as home and office automation and alarm systems, greenhouse and agricultural control, industrial process control, IT system monitoring and critical fridge/freezer monitoring and alarm.

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