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8 November 2019

We are pleased to announce that Audon Electronics is now the UK distributor for NETIO products The NETIO products company is a Czech producer of smart power sockets, strips and PDUs that can be controlled over LAN and WiFi. The products are programmable and support all common M2M API protocols (such as MQTT, JSON, Modbus, SNMP and more), which makes NETIO power perfect component into your system. Power sockets NETIO measures all important electrical parameters with high precision, which gives you powerful tool for optimizing your business.

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7 February 2019  |  Admin
Structural health monitoring with the MonoDAQ-E-gMeter MEMS accelerometer DAQ Unit

MonoDAQ-E-gMeter is an all-in-one sensor and a data acquisition device with a very low noise 3-axial MEMS accelerometer. The MonoDAQ-E-gMeter has an EtherCAT interface and DEWESoft software support. Power and signal over the same cable allows it to be distributed all over the structure that requires acceleration monitoring.

1 February 2019  |  Admin
The MonoDAQ-U-X USB Mulitifunction DAQ Unit - the Data Acquisition Chameleon

Are you looking for a Data Acquisition (DAQ) device to perform multichannel temperature, pressure, voltage or current measurements in a very limited time? Do you need to control and automate the measurement with analogue and digital output? Are you also tight on budget? If you answered yes, MonoDAQ-U-X is the right solution for you!

31 January 2019  |  Admin
Extend your RS485 Network Wirelessly

Bridge LR converts an RS-485 network to a wireless long range network LoRaTM. A system consists of a master bridge connected to a RS-485 master, and as many slave bridges as required. The communication between master and slaves is completely transparent to allow an easy installation. Bridge LR has a typical range of 1km indoor and 20km outdoor. 12VDC powered for remote battery applications.