TCW260 - Ethernet Energy Data Logger - Pulse Counting, Analogue In, RS485

TCW260 - Ethernet Energy Data Logger - Pulse Counting, Analogue In, RS485
TCW260 - Ethernet Energy Data Logger - Pulse Counting, Analogue In, RS485TCW260 - Ethernet Energy Data Logger - Pulse Counting, Analogue In, RS485TCW260 - Ethernet Energy Data Logger - Pulse Counting, Analogue In, RS485TCW260 - Ethernet Energy Data Logger - Pulse Counting, Analogue In, RS485
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Analogue Inputs:  6
Digital Inputs:  4
Pulse Counter Inputs:  4
RS485 Ports:  1



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The TCW260 is an Web-based Ethernet DAQ unit designed for monitoring energy consumption, with 4 pulse counting inputs, 6 analogue inputs and an RS485 port talking Modbus with a 24 channel capacity. The TCW260 has built-in memory and can log up to 48 days (if the log period is 60 seconds) worth of data which can be periodically uploaded to a dedicated server by HTTP Post. Also supports alarms via email or SNMP trap and supports XML/JSON and Modbus TCP data communication protocols.

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  • 4 digital inputs, S0-pulse interface compatible
  • 6 analogue inputs with 0/10V and 0/20mA modes
  • RS485 MODBUS RTU interface for up to 24 registers
  • Up to 24 channels for monitoring
  • Up to 24 independent alarms
  • SNMP v.2 support
  • SNMP traps sending for alert conditions
  • HTTP and SNMP port changing
  • HTTP API commands
  • Periodical HTTP Post of XML/JSON status files for client-server systems
  • MODBUS TCP/IP support
  • Dynamic DNS with DynDNS, No-IP and DNS-O-Matic support
  • NTP protocol support
  • Data logger for up to 70000 records
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • Wide power supply voltage range
  • Backup/restore of settings
  • Remote firmware update
  • Power: 10-32VDC at 300mA
  • Dimensions: 145 x 90 x 40 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C

The TCW260 is an energy monitoring module with Ethernet connectivity and data logging capability. All monitored parameters can be viewed in tabular and graphical form via the web interface.

The TCW260 has 4 digital inputs, S0+ compatible. The inputs can work in two modes  – OPEN/CLOSED  for a  reading of “dry contact” outputs and COUNTER mode for direct connection to energy meters with pulse outputs. The energy monitoring module has also 6 analogue inputs. Every analogue input can work either in voltage (0/10V) or current loop (0/20mA) modes. The mode is changed via the user interface. All digital and analogue inputs are fully isolated from the power supply.

The TCW260 also supports an MODBUS RTU RS485 interface for up to 24 sensors. The used RS485 interface is fully isolated from the power supply. The user can arrange up to 24 independent monitoring channels from the inputs and sensor readings. Every channel can be set up using up to 2 input parameters and/or constants. There are three types of channels  –  discrete (for  OPEN/CLOSED  outputs monitoring), general (for general monitoring) and cumulative (for energy, volume, etc. monitoring). The user can also arrange up to 24 independent alarms with 5 different user selectable states. Every alarm can be set up using up to 2 limits and hysteresis. The alarm can be assigned to a specific channel. In this case, in an alarm state, the assigned channel is coloured on the monitoring page and graphs.

The TCW260 supports SNMP, HTTP API and MODBUS/TCP as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.


The energy monitoring module TCW260 is dedicated to monitoring and recording the parameters of the measurement of resources -  electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, and others. Rising resource costs require reliable analysis and optimization. Depending on the search result, this can be done at a micro level (separate machine) or macro level (company).

The monitoring module can integrate seamlessly into already working objects. With proper selection of sensors, this can happen even without interrupting the production process. Of course, the module can be used also for general monitoring of industrial processes.

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TC Monitor Software

TC Monitor is easy to use Windows application for monitoring and control of TCW products. TC Monitor can collect and display data from controllers installed in different locations (sites). The collected data is stored in SQL database and can be displayed or exported in MS Excel format for further analysis. TC Monitor has a simple web interface, which enables easy and fast configuration. Monitored parameters can be 1-wire sensors, digital and analog inputs and relay outputs.

The free version of TC Monitor provides 10 credits, this means up to 10 different parameters can be monitored and logged. More Information >>



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