THT2-I - MODBUS RS485 Interior Temperature and Humidity Sensor

THT2-I - MODBUS RS485 Interior Temperature and Humidity Sensor
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The THT2-I is a temperature and humidity sensor (plus dew point calculation) communicating using MODBUS or ASCII protocols via RS485. Plastic enclosure with vent holes for interiors. To be mounted on wall or ceiling. The FREE Wix chart/data logging software is also available.

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  • Measures relative humidity in range 0 % to 100 %
  • Measures temperature in range -40°C to +123.8 °C (however due to the PVC enclosure the maximum ambient temperature is 70°C)
  • Calculates dew point
  • Calculates temperatures in several units (°C, °F, K)
  • Extreme values memory – THT2-I saves maximum and minimum measured-out value of each quantity.
  • RS485 communication
  • Spinel and ModBus RTU protocols are supported
  • Power: 5-30V DC (  typ. 1.7 mA @ 12 V)
  • Dimensions: 62 × 62 × 28 mm
  • Warranty: 36 months

The THT2-I  is an intelligent  hygrometer and thermometer.  It measures  humidity  directly in percentage and  temperature  in degrees Celsius.  Also, it is able to combine both values to calculate the dew point. Values in digital format are made available via the RS485 communication line. THT2-I has low consumption –  it is easy to create a network of these devices connected via a single four-wire cable (RS485 + power supply) ranging up to 1200 metres.


Wix - FREE Powerful datalogging, charting and alarming sftware

  • Display of numeric values.
  • Viewing the colour column (ie bar graph) with colour according to the current value.
  • View the text of the current value.
  • View the chart - add several charts, add channels to a single chart
  • Datalogging - Save the history of measurement in a text file for further processing or evaluation.
  • Wix can monitor inputs against pre-set alarm limits;
    • Send alarm e-mail
    • Switching on output (relay) to Quido
    • Reset the counter (counter) input Quido
    • Send alarm text message by SMS (requires GSM MODEM)


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