X-422-E Davis Weather Suite Controller

X-422-E Davis Weather Suite Controller
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The X-422 is an advanced meteorological monitoring system designed specifically to be used with a Davis Instruments Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS). The X-422 mounts directly inside the sensor suite housing and connects to all of the sensors in the sensor suite.

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Weather Sensors
The X-422 reads all included sensors in the sensor suite (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, rain, etc) as well as other optional Davis Weather Sensors. The X-422 provides real time weather data as well as historical measurements through a intuitive web page.

Mounts directly inside the sensor suite housing
Intuitive Web-browser interface
Displays current data plus some historical data such as high and low temperatures and humidity, precipitation over time, wind gusts, and barometric pressure
Directly upload weather data to weather sites:
  • CWOP
  • Weather Underground
Calculates parameters such as heat index, wind chill, and dew point
Automatic external control capability
Internet connectivity
Additional analog sensor ports
Frequency input port
Data logging
Password protection
NTP time synchronization
Powered Over Ethernet (POE) and/or 9-28VDC

Built-In Web Server
The web server is built-into the X-422 which makes this a reliable, stand-alone solution with no cloud-services required.
In addition to standard weather information, users can leverage the sophistication of the X-422 for:

  • Data logging
  • Password-protected interface
  • Automatic time synchronization through NTP service

Publish Weather Data
Uploads weather data to weather sites without a PC or external software. You can easily publish weather information directly to weather sites such as CWOP, Weather Underground and (Internet connection required for this feature).



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