LabJack T4 - Ethernet and USB Multifunction DAQ Unit - 12 Analogue In, 16 Digital

LabJack T4 - Ethernet and USB Multifunction DAQ Unit - 12 Analogue In, 16 Digital
 LabJack T4 - Ethernet and USB Multifunction DAQ Unit - 12 Analogue In, 16 DigitalLabJack T4 - Ethernet and USB Multifunction DAQ Unit - 12 Analogue In, 16 Digital 
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Analogue Inputs:  12
Analogue Outputs:  2
Digital Inputs:  16
Digital Outputs:  16



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LJ-DIN LabJack DIN rail Mount ClipLJ-DIN LabJack DIN rail Mount Clip

The T4 is a USB or Ethernet multifunction DAQ device with up to 12 analogue inputs or 16 digital I/O, 2 analog outputs (10-bit), and multiple digital counters/timers for data logging, data acquisition, measurement and control applications.  Kipling is available for basic configuration and testing, and a selection of charting and logging software is also available. Also supports the Modbus TCP protocol for industrial applications.

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  • 4 x dedicated high voltage (±10V) analogue inputs, 12-bits of accuracy
  • 8 x Flexible I/O lines (digital input, digital output, analogue input)
  • 8 x Dedicated 3.3V digital I/O great for UART, SPI, I2C, 1-wire
  • 2 x Analogue outputs (10-bit, 0-5 volts)
  • Flexible I/O with range 0-2.5V, 12-bits accuracy
  • Timers provide PWM output, quadrature input pulse/period timing, and pulse counting.
  • Watchdog system
  • Supports LJTick accessories for additional analogue outputs, analog buffers, and more.
  • Serial protocols: SPI, I2C, and more
  • Up to 8 PWM, Quadrature, Pulse Width, and more
  • Same software API as the T7/T7-Pro
  • Built-In Screw Terminals for Some Signals
  • USB 2.0/1.1 Full Speed Interface
  • Ethernet RJ45 Interface
  • Powered by USB Cable
  • LUA Scripting for Stand-Alone Use
  • Examples Available for C/C++, VB, LabVIEW, Python in due course
  • DAQFactory Express Software driver in due course
  • Rated for Industrial Temp Range (-40 to +85 °C)

The T4 is much like its bigger brother, the T7, in that it supports the LJM driver (and many other software options) for easy cross-platform programming (Windows, Mac OS X / macOS, Linux and various ARM-based Linux distributions), Modbus register access to every device attribute and the ability to run on-board Lua scripts using Kipling. The T4 also includes the same Ethernet communication interface that the T7 supports (allowing for two clients to be simultaneously connected) and is a Modbus TCP/UDP server. The T4 differentiates itself from the T7 by incorporating many popular features from the U3-HV such as high and low voltage analogue inputs and flexible I/O lines.

Kipling Software

The Kipling configuration software for the T4 provides basic test, configuration, and self-upgrade functionality in a graphical interface.  The extent of the graphical interface is limited, since the software is intended as a basic tool.  However, ALL T4 functionality is present within the program through the use of the register tables.


The Dashboard tab allows for simple testing in a graphical way.  Change DIO from input to output by clicking the input button.  Or, modify the analogue output voltage of the DAC lines with the arrow buttons.  Analogue input values are displayed next to the analogue channel number.All of the values are updated about every half second on the dashboard page, and will continue unless the communication between the T4 and the computer is disrupted.

LUA Scripting for Stand-Alone Use

The T4 can operate without computer involvement running a LUA script. The user can now write complex control applications all from within Kipling which is then uoploaded to the T4. There are dozens of simple examples built into Kipling, so you don't have to dig around to find example code. See here for more information >>

Free Application Software

Included with the Windows installation we provide several useful applications free of charge.  

Optional Software


DAQFactory is a low cost data acquisition and control software for SCADA, Factory Automation, HMI and Test and Measurement applications. DAQFactory provides all the tools needed to acquire data, log it, share it on a network, display it on the screen, graph it, analyse it, and automate your project. DAQFactory can communicate with just about any serial or Ethernet device using Modbus RTU, ASCII or Modbus/ TCP. It also supports a wide variety of DAQ devices including LabJack USB devices and many other DAQ cards.

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