M1322 - 4-Channel Temperature, Humididty, Analogue Input, CO2 Data Logger

M1322 - 4-Channel Temperature, Humididty,  Analogue Input, CO2 Data Logger
 M1322 - 4-Channel Temperature, Humididty,  Analogue Input, CO2 Data LoggerM1322 - 4-Channel Temperature, Humididty,  Analogue Input, CO2 Data Logger 
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Analogue Inputs:  2
Digital Inputs:  2
Temperature Inputs:  2
Humidity Inputs:  2
Pulse Counter Inputs:  1



Special order, 5-10 day despatch

The Multilogger is a battery operated, hand-held datalogger capable of measuring and recording up to 4 inputs. The measured values can be viewed on a web browser, as well as stored and downloaded for later analysis. Features large non-volatile memory, wide adjustable logging rate, alarms and easy-to-read LCD display and keypad for local monitoring and control.

The M1320 variant can accept up to 2 voltage or 4-20mA inputs which can also be used as digital inputs, 2 plug-in temperature/humidity probes and has an internal carbon dioxide sensor.

  • 4-channel datalogger
  • 2 x screw terminal,
    • 0-10V or 0-20mA inputs
    • can be 0-30V 2-state digital inputs
    • 1 can be a 200Hz pulse counter
  • 2 x mini-DIN connectors to accept a range of temperature or temperature/humidity probes;
    • accepts plug-in PT1000 temperature probes with -50°C to 200°C (additional)
    • accepts plug-in temperature/humidity probe with -30°C to 105°C, 0-100% RH (additional)
  • Carbon Dioxide with a 0-2000ppm range. (0-10,000 to special order)
  • Memory capacity: (approx.) 1 000 000 values (noncyclic record), 600 000 values (cyclic record)
  • Measuring interval: 1s to 24 hours
  • Ethernet Interface
    • send email on alarm
    • view data in any web browser
    • data download
  • USB and RS232 Ports for data download
  • LCD display and keypad for local display and control
  • Alarm Output - open collector transistor -100mA @12V
  • Powered by 5V Mains adaptor or 3 x NiMH 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries
  • Supplied with traceable calibration certificate in accordance with EN ISO/IEC17025.
  • Temperature operating range -10 to +60°C
  • Dimensions 178 x 95 x 37mm (W x H x D)

Common features

Large graphical LCD with backlight option

Large LCD for simultaneous display of temperature, relative humidity or other calculated humidity interpretation is an advantage. Displayed values are user selectable.

Ethernet interface

Ethernet interface via standard RJ45 connector. IP address can be obtain automatically from DHCP server or set manually. Internet protocol version 4 is supported only.

WWW server

Actual measured values are accessible via powerful embedded web server. Web pages are ready for access from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Device configuration via web pages is possible too. The device allows you to user customize the design of web pages.


It is possible to set two independent alarm limits for each channel (ie. measured or calculated value) which can be configured either as an upper and lower limit or who limits exceeding in a consistent direction. Alarm signalization can be acoustic (built-in beeper), optical (3 LEDs), alarm output or sending an e-mail alert.


Warning email are sent when measured value exceed selected limits. Emails are also send when values returns back into safe range. SMTP authentication is supported, but SSL not. Domain name for SMTP server address is supported.


XML protocol for actual measured values reading. This protocol is suitable for device integration into 3rd party SCADA systems.


SNMP version 1 protocol for IT infrastructure. Using SNMP protocol you can read actual measured values, alarm status and alarm parameters. MIB tables with OID description are available.

MIN/MAX memory

Memory for minimum and maximum values. Memory is independent on values in history memory. Minimum and maximum values can be cleared according user requirements.

Vision Software

The Vision Software is designed for communication with Multiloggers, read out the configuration of the device and setting up the parameters.
It also allows to read out the data from the device in order to get the measured values.

For the temperature and humidity devices is possible to select one counted value (dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy).

Data can be viewed and printed as table or graph. It it also possible to export the data to DBF or TXT files. You can change the axis and select any time range to view or print out the data. It is allowed to zoom the graph, modify the drawing width and the its colour. It is also possible to separate the quantities from each other and print some of them or all of them separately.



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