MultiLogger - Handheld Data Loggers

What is the Multilogger

The Multilogger is a battery operated, hand-held datalogger capable of measuring and recording sensor and electrical values through its Inputs. The measured values can be viewed on a web browser, as well as stored and downloaded for later analysis.

Evaluation of up to 16 variables

Up to 16 values can be calculated from 4 connected sensors/signals. This is the sum of measured and calculated values. E.g. dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific enthalpy, inter-channel conversion (difference between two connected temperature sensors).

Alarm options

Users can receive alarms if the valuse go outside the paramters set. Alarms are indicated through an internal buzzer , 3 LEDs or email alerts via Ethernet port.

Linking / Communications

The multilogger comes with a USB and Ethernet interface. For WiFi communication the multilogger can be connected to a TP-LINK WiFi router. The Ethernet interface allows you to send e-mail if the multilogger is in an alarm state. The Multilogger can also be connected to Local Are Network and comes with a web browser. Comet also supply a SQL Database that allows the customer to store, download and view historical data in detail for full analysis.

Power Devices

The Multilogger can be powered with an AC/DC adapter, as well as included rechargeable batteries. It is also possible to supply power through the USB port.

4 variable inputs

All models are supplied with 4 inputs as standard (input connectors are located on the top of the device). The inputs can be connected external probes or signals. Some models also include a barometric pressure sensor and/or a CO2 sensor in addition to the 4 inputs.

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