LanTick PE-1-0 - Ethernet Relay Unit with Web, Modbus TCP, KNX-IP

LanTick PE-1-0 - Ethernet Relay Unit with Web, Modbus TCP, KNX-IP
 LanTick PE-1-0 - Ethernet Relay Unit with Web, Modbus TCP, KNX-IPLanTick PE-1-0 - Ethernet Relay Unit with Web, Modbus TCP, KNX-IP 
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The LanTick PE-1-0 is a Ethernet Web controlled Relay unit with a single mains rated relay. Users can control, the relay from any web enabled device. A free cloud service simplifies remote internet access without the need for fixed IP addresses or router port forwarding knowledge. The unit also supports SNMP for IT users, Modbus/TCP for industrial users and KNX/IP protocol for home automation users.

  • 1 x Relay Output
    • Maximum working voltage: 250V AC, 30V DC,
    • Maximum current: 4A
    • Modes of operation: Monostable, Bistable, One pulse, Shutter – two relays are used to control shutter motor
  • Web Interface
  • Upload your own background image - overlay relay control
  • Communications Protocols;
    • SNMP - for IT alarm trap applications
    • Modbus/TCP - for industrial applications
    • KNX/IP - for home automation applications
    • HTTP
    • Windows or Linux Command Line
  • Free cloud service for internet control
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 51mm x 68mm
  • Power supply voltage: 10-24VDC or AC
  • Power consumption: 1.5 – 4.2W
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • CE compliant

Web Interface

The built-in web-server can be used to configure parameters such as IP address etc, and to control the relays, monitor the inputs, and read pulse count values.

Own Background Image

Upload your own background image - overlay relay controls and input state LEDs. it is also possible to upload 2 images, the displayed image depending upon the state of the digital inputs.

Free Cloud Service

AUse the free cloud service to control your LanTick-Pro devices from anywhere in the world over the Internet. No need for a fixed IP address or knowledge of router port-forwarding.


Direct connection between modules (bridge connection)

The LanTick Pro can be configured in a bridge connection where the digital inputs on one device control the relay outputs on another.


The LanTickPro is equipped with a service protocol compatible with KNX-IP Routing mode. This protocol is designed to control home automation ( "smart homes") and office space. KNX uses a broadcast topology so that it is possible for a single input to activate multiple outputs. Advanced home automation features such as shutter control is included.




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