LAN-AD16f - Ethernet 250kHz 16 Channel Data Acquisition Unit

LAN-AD16f - Ethernet 250kHz 16 Channel Data Acquisition Unit
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Analogue Inputs:  16
Analogue Outputs:  2
Digital Inputs:  16
Digital Outputs:  16



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The LAN-AD16f is a low cost Ethernet based multifunction I/O unit with 16 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs, 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Data can be acquired at up to 250kHz rate at 16-bit resolution. Supplied with a trial copy of NextView4 software for data acquisition and control and a wide selection of Windows, MAC and Linux programming examples.

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  • 16 analogue inputs (16 bit, ±10V, ±5V, ±2V, ±1V)
  • sampling rate 250kHz
  • 2 analogue outputs (16 bit, ±10V)
  • analogue channels electrically isolated
  • 16 digital input and output channels each
  • 3 counters (32 bit, max. 16 MHz) for pulse, incremental encoder, or pulse-time measurement
  • TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Analogue I/O connected via 37-way D-type socket
  • Digital I/O connected via a 15-way D-type socket
  • Power supply via network (PoE) or externally with 12-40V
  • Galvanically isolated to LAN, power supply
  • Synchronized to real-time
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Windows, MAC, Linux drivers
  • Supplied with programming examples in VB, C++ Delphi, .NET
  • Can be used with LabVIEW Graphical Programming Software

The LAN-AD16f is a professional but low cost Ethernet based multifunction I/O unit with 16 analogue inputs, 2 analogue output, 16 digital inputs, three of which can be used as 32-bit pulse counters and 16 digital outputs. Data can be acquired at up to 250kHz rate at 16-bit resolution. All I/O are presented via two D-type sockets, one 37-way analogue and one 15-way digital. The user can connect to this directly or optional expansion boards are available.

The number of DAQ systems and with it the number of available channels is only limited by the bandwidth of the network. Several LAN-AD16fx devices can be synchronized with each other. If so, all measured data in distributed operation always keep time even with long-term measurements.

Drivers are available for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. The LAN-AD16f is supplied with an Active-X component and comprehensive programming examples for use with most common programming languages. There are also VI for use with LabVIEW programming package.

The LAN-AD16f is supported by NextView 4, the software for data acquisition and analysis. A fully functional 30-day trial is included with delivery to directly test the functionality.

Optional Software

NextView 4 -Data Acquisition Software

NextView-4 is a Windows data logging and control application for use with the BMC range of data acquisition units. The Lite version is for use with a single DAQ unit whilst the Pro version is for use with a multiple DAQ units. With NextView4 you can view data in numeric and chart recorder formats, log data to a CSV file, add buttons, sliders and automate your data acquisition task.

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NextView4-Pro Data Acquisition Software


DAQFactory is a low cost data acquisition and control software for SCADA, Factory Automation, HMI and Test and Measurement applications. DAQFactory provides all the tools needed to acquire data, log it, share it on a network, display it on the screen, graph it, analyse it, and automate your project. DAQFactory can communicate with just about any serial or Ethernet device using Modbus RTU, ASCII or Modbus/ TCP. It also supports a wide variety of DAQ devices including LabJack USB devices and many other DAQ cards.

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