AD4ETH - Ethernet Analogue Input unit with Web Server, email, SNMP, XML and ModbusTCP

AD4ETH - Ethernet Analogue Input unit with Web Server, email, SNMP, XML and ModbusTCP
AD4ETH - Ethernet Analogue Input unit with Web Server, email, SNMP, XML and ModbusTCPAD4ETH - Ethernet Analogue Input unit with Web Server, email, SNMP, XML and ModbusTCPAD4ETH - Ethernet Analogue Input unit with Web Server, email, SNMP, XML and ModbusTCP
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The AD4ETH is a 4-channel Ethernet analogue input/alarm unit with a built-in webserver allowing analogue input values to be viewed from any web-browser. High and low alarms can be specified to generate email or SNMP alerts. The AD4ETH also supports a wide range of communication protocols such as TCP/IP ASCII, UDP/IP ASCII, SNMP2, MODBUS TCP2, HTTP (WEB, WAP, XML, SOAP)

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  • 4 single-ended analogue inputs at 16-bits
  • Wide range of power supply voltage (6 to 30 V)
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • 0-10V or 0(4)-20mA input ranges selected when ordering
  • Sampling rate: 2 Samples/Sec
  • Isolation between inputs and PSU/Ethernet
  • Communication protocols TCP/IP (Spinel), UDP/IP (Spinel), SNMP2, MODBUS TCP2,HTTP (WEB, WAP, XML, SOAP)
  • Internal Web-server - view current values and settings from any web-browser
  • High and low alarms per analogue input
  • email and SNMP alarm messages
  • WAP pages showing measured values for cell phone or PDA.
  • Measured values and configuration available in XML format.
  • Advanced conversion to user defined ranges and engineering units.
  • Measured values can be transmitted as a POST request (SOAP-XML) or HTTP GET othe WEB server.
  • Free Windows Wix software package for charting, displaying and data logging - send email and SMS alarm messages (SMS requires GSM MODEM)



WEB page

It is possible to easy monitor the measured values and also to configure AD4ETH over the Intranet interface. The pages are secured by means of user name and password. It is possible to setup a separate password for the configuration and another one for the display of current values. Inputs are shown as numeric vales, bar graph with colour coded alarm indications.

XML file

It is also possible to import all the values from AD4ETH in the XML file format. This format is easy to process by the application or to read by the web service.

WAP page for PDA of mobile phone

AD4ETH contains a simple WAP page with measured data. It is possible to open this page in a mobile phone, PDA or another mobile device. Thus the current status of the device can be viewed whenever needed.

Inserting the current values into the WEB sites (HTTP GET)

AD4ETH enables you to periodically call a script (for example PHP or ASP) on a selected WEB server and to hand the measured values and other parameters over to the server in the form of HTTP GET parameter. Thus you can easily include the currently measured values directly into your WEB site.

Current values handing-over to the WEB service (HTTP POST, SOAP)

AD4ETH is also able to periodically send the measured data as HTTP POST in the format of XML SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). This way is ideal for further processing of the measured values by the WEB service waiting in a server on the Internet or Intranet. This data in the XML format can be easily processed, e.g. in the.NET or PHP environment – there is no need to program any communication protocol, etc. The only thing than needs to be done is to process the delivered XML file.

SNMP protocol

The SNMP protocol is used in large companies for the centralized administration and monitoring of all hardware and technologies. AD4ETH is able to communicate via this protocol and, according to the setup, It sends SNMP traps when the pre-set critical limits are exceeded. It is also able to periodically send traps with current values.


According to the setup, AD4ETH is able to inform the user via email that the critical limits, pre-defined for individual channels, have been exceeded. (Thanks to services provided by operators it is possible to forward the e-mail easily to a mobile phone as an SMS message.)

TCP or UDP protocol

AD4ETH is also able to operate as the TCP client or TCP server or to communicate via UDP. The Spinel protocol is used by AD4ETH in these ways of communication. This way of communication is similar to the serial link communication.

MODBUS TCP protocol

AD4ETH is also able to communicate via the standard industry protocol of MODBUS TCP use by popular SCADA packages such as DAQFactory



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