UISB-420T Combined PLC with Keypad and LCD

UISB-420T Combined PLC with Keypad and LCD
UISB-420T Combined PLC with Keypad and LCDUISB-420T Combined PLC with Keypad and LCDUISB-420T Combined PLC with Keypad and LCDUISB-420T Combined PLC with Keypad and LCD
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MSB-PROG - MSB/UISB RS232 Programming LeadMSB-PROG - MSB/UISB RS232 Programming Lead

The UISB-420T is a combined Programmable Logic Controller with built-in LCD and keypad featuring a large mix of analogue and digital I/O. Ideal for replacing traditional outdated PLC, push-buttons, small LCD combo installations with a single UISB-420T. The UISB-420T can be programmed in both BASIC and/or Relay Ladder Logic using the free Cubloc Studio software.

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  • Combined PLC with LCD and keypad
  • 4x20 ASCII Character LCD with Integrated Keypad
  • Cubloc CB400-Based Programming
  • Button/Key Input Values Transmitted via SPI to Integrated CB400
  • 16 x DC 16~24V Inputs
  • 16 x Open Collector Outputs
  • 4 x 0~10V Analog Inputs (10 -bit)
  • 4 x 0~20mA Analog Inputs (10 -bit)
  • Software On/Off Backlight Control
  • 4 x Status LEDs
  • Key Audio Feedback On/Off Control
  • 1 x RS-232
  • 1 x RS-485 port
  • Power: 9-24VDC @ 1.2w
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50°C

The UISB-420T is an integrated character LCD, key pad, I/O controller powered by a Cubloc CB400 core. It can be programmed with Cubloc Studio.


The UIF-420T makes it easy to quickly add a user interface to an industrial system at low cost. Characters, numbers, and symbols are displayed on the LCD providing textual output to the user. User input is activated by pressing buttons on the key pad and processed by the CB400 core module. In addition the rear panel contains various I/O and communication ports that be used to monitor and control industrial systems

Cubloc Studio Software

CuBloc modules uses CublocStudio as its main development environment. With CuBloc Studio you can write your BASIC and Ladder programs, simulate and de-bug and download to the CuBloc unit. CuBloc Studio has Ladder logic monitor and Time Chart tools to help with debugging.

The main advantage of CuTOUCH over other PLCs is that it fills Ladder Logic’s weaknesses with BASIC language. Ladder Logic is good enough to replace sequence diagrams, but to collect data, print graphics, and process complex tasks is asking a little bit too much. That is why we added the BASIC language. You can now run both Ladder Logic and/or BASIC!


Another advantage over other BASIC processors is that Cubloc processors are able to separate the amount of work and programming between Ladder Logic and BASIC as necessary. The user is able to debug easier by having two processes work together, instead of grudging through lines of BASIC codes.



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