CuBloc PLC's

The CuBloc MSB range of PLC's can perform tasks that traditional LADDER based PLCs can't. The MSB range has a multi-tasking structure that runs BASIC and LADDER simultaneously  that  allows accurate LADDER scan timing and still process BASIC commands.  You even have a choice of simply using BASIC or LADDER by itself.  With 32-bit IEEE floating point maths, analogue inputs with PWM/analogue outputs  and  MODBUS  RTU support, the user will find that MSB is one of the most versatile BASIC/PLC hybrid PLCs on the market today.

The MSB range are low-cost enclosed DIN Rail PLC's based on the CuBloc core processor running BASIC or Ladder-logic programs. The MSB range has a wide IO count with serial communications, Modbus and HMI support and and large 200k program memory

MSB Logic Software

For simple control tasks and relay logic replacement, users can quickly develop programs with Ladder logic using the free MSB Logic program. Programs are uploaded to the MSB PLC using the optional programming adaptor.

Cubloc Studio Software

For more complex control tasks uses can use the Cubloc Studio software as its main development environment. With CuBloc Studio you can write your BASIC and Ladder programs, simulate and de-bug and download to the CuBloc unit. CuBloc Studio has Ladder logic monitor and Time Chart tools to help with debugging.

The main advantage of Cubloc Studio over other PLCs is that it fills Ladder Logic’s weaknesses with BASIC language. Ladder Logic is good enough to replace sequence diagrams, but to collect data, print graphics, and process complex tasks is asking a little bit too much. That is why we added the BASIC language. You can now run both Ladder Logic and/or BASIC!


Another advantage over other BASIC processors is that Cubloc Studio is able to separate the amount of work and programming between Ladder Logic and BASIC as necessary. The user is able to debug easier by having two processes work together, instead of grudging through lines of BASIC codes.

Serial Ports

The MSB range of PLC's come with RS232 and some with RS485 ports as standard with Modbus Master and Slave support to greatly extend the PLC capability;

Modbus Master - Use the large program capability of the MSB PLC's as a Modbus Master talking to remote IO units such as our Modbus Remote IO range. Extend the IO count to add more digital or pulse counting, relay outputs, analogue, 4-20mA loop and RTD's or thermocouples. Talk to motor controllers or extract data from third party RS232 devices such as weigh scales or bar code readers.

Modbus Slaves - Add the MSB PLC to your SCADA system to provide local computing power or as a remote IO station. Or use our DAQFactory software to provide a PC based Supervisory HMI system.

LCD and HMI - Use the Serial port to connect to our range of complementary LCD and HMI products. From simple alpha-numeric LCDs to full blown Colour Graphics touch HMI. Cublo Studio software has simple commands built-in to allow you to quickly develop your operator interface.