Corporate Building Management Systems

A range or Monitoring and Control units used for control of premises, temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow monitoring, doors control ,security and video camera recording. They can monitor up to 120 Dry contacts and use 1000 different elements - email, SNMP and SMS notifications, triggeres, access control, timers, logics, sensors, dry contacts. Ideal for use in Server Rooms, Telecom and Data Centres, and for small, medium and large IT monitoring applications. Download brochure >>


Web interface or NMS software

The Embedded web interface provides monitoring and control for small facilities. Centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of equipment for companies of every size.


Notifications and alerts

Notifications are intended to inform the user about events occurring in the monitoring system. You can create such notifications as: SNMP GET, SNMP TRAP, Timer, MAILER, SMS notifications, PING and Trigger using embedded  interface.

I-Touch Button & Proximity readers

I-Touch button or ITouch Proximity readers can be connected to provide access control functions and accurate temperature monitoring

Smoke, humidity, vibration & temperature sensors

We offer a wide variety of  sensors such as temperature, humidity, door entry, smoke alarms, PIR detectors, flood sensors etc that can be connected directly or distributed over a wide are using the CAN bus interface.


Data Collecting and Graphing

The measurements are periodically stored in the internal memory or external storage media and displayed as graphs. Each graph shows data for last 100: seconds, minutes, hours, days. Web interface provides an easy way to access these logs for each individual sensor.


Web interface also allows to view detailed graphs and data tables for one or more sensors using multi-plot graph. This is very useful when you need to see sensor data of two or more sensors on the same graph for a given period of time.


IP cameras and USB camera


Adding IP camera allows you to view footage from surveillance cameras remotely across your remote facility. USB camera can be installed inside a rack and if the door opens to start sending JPEG stream.

Configurable logic



The Web interface allows you to set up logic rules for alerts, notifications & actions such as to switch on a fan and send an email when a temperature exceeds alarm limits.

Data Logging

Event logs, sensor data, configuration elements and  camera video can be recorded with date and time stamp to internal memory, SD card and in some case hard disk. Firmware update can also be done using SD card.