U3430 Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Data Logger

U3430 Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Data Logger
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The U3430 is a battery powered temperature, humidity and CO2 datalogger featuring a -30°C to +70°C, 0-100%RH and 0 to 5000 ppm measurement range, LCD display, LED and audible alarm for alarm notification, large 500,000 sample memory and a USB-C interface for configuration and data download. The logger includes Traceable calibration certificate and is supplied with the free Vision software for data download and analysis.

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  • Measuring temperature range:  -30°C to +60°C
  • Accuracy of temperature measurement: ±0.4°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Relative humidity measuring range 0 to 100%
  • CO2 measuring range: 0 to 5000 ppm
  • Accuracy: ±(50ppm +3% from reading) at 25°C
  • Resolution: 1 ppm
  • LCD Display
  • Real time clock: year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second
  • Logging interval: adjustable from 1s to 24h
  • Total memory capacity: 500,000 values in non-cyclic mode, 350 000 values in cyclic record mode
  • Configuration and data download via USB
  • Dimensions without connectors: 61mm x 93mm x 53mm, with antenna 120mm x 93mm x 53mm
  • Power: SONY LiIon 5200mAh
  • Typical battery life: Up to 6 years (depends upon text message frequency)
  • Protection: IP67 - protected against influence of temporary immersion into water
  • Includes Traceable calibration certificate based on EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

This datalogger is designed for stand-alone measurements and recording of physical and electrical data, the data recording interval being presettable from 1 s to 24 h. This device can be used mounted in a fixed-position or as a portable version.


  • Stores an autonomous chronological record of measured values in internal non-volatile memory.  The values to be collected can be measured at the instant of recording or as average or min/max values detected during the recording interval. Recording can be performed continuously or only when an alarm condition is detected. The recording mode can be also set optionally as non-cyclic or as cyclic. In cyclic mode older data is overwritten with new data when the memory becomes full.
  • Detect and log minimum and maximum values (existing since their last manual resetting) of each quantity
  • Display the measured values on an LCD display. Some features can be controlled by two push buttons situated next to the display (device switching off and on, deactivation of alarm signalling, Min/Max value resetting),
  • Configure up to two alarm signalling limits for each quantity to be measured. The alarm signalling can be realised visually, optionally by a symbol appearing on the display or by a short blink of an LED, or acoustically.
  • Powered from an internal Li-ion battery. This can be charged by a common USB charger.
  • Communicate with a computer by means of a USB interface (all device settings, recorded data downloading, and online monitoring). To communicate, the datalogger utilises the HID USB standard, which does not require additional controllers to be built into the PC


Comet Vision 2.0 Software

The free Comet Vision software is designed for communication with data loggers, read out the configuration of the device and setting up the parameters. It also allows to read out the data from the device in order to get the measured values. For temperature and humidity devices it is possible to select one calculated value (dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy).

Data can be viewed and printed as table or graph. It it also possible to export the data to DBF or TXT files. You can change the axis and select any time range to view or print out the data. You can zoom the graph, modify the drawing width and the its colour. It is also possible to separate the quantities from each other and print some of them or all of them separately.


Comet Database

Comet Database - system for collecting, alarming and analysing of measured data from all COMET devices.
Contains one license of Database Viewer.

  •     data tracking, creating of reports, prints, charts, graphs, export of data
  •     SMS alarms (necessary to buy KIT-GSM-W) and Emails
  •     data collection
  •     simple and fast access to data
  •     data store
  •     easy installation

Comet Database contains of many useful tools for data analysis - graphs, tables, statistics etc. Comet Database also offers advanced features - secured access to data, accounts administration, remote monitoring, error diagnostic, database backup etc. 



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