IND-U4-POE - RFID Reader Relay Controller 125kHz - LCD, Ethernet, RS485 and USB - POE

IND-U4-POE - RFID  Reader Relay Controller 125kHz - LCD, Ethernet, RS485 and USB - POE
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Digital Inputs:  2
Digital Outputs:  2
RS485 Ports:  1



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The RFID-IND-U4 is an IP65 industrial 125kHz RFID controller equipped with an LCD display, Ethernet port supporting Modbus TCP, SNMP and web browser, RS485 port supporting MODBUS RTU protocol and a USB port used for configuration and testing of the module. It derives its power from a PoE 802.3af compliant Power Over Ethernet switch/hub. The device has two relay outputs and two inputs. Easy to configure using the free software.

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  • 125kHz, EM4102 compatible
  • LCD Display 4 x 20 character, backlit
  • 2 x Relay Outputs: 30VDC 1A, 125VAC 0.5A
  • 2 x Digital Inputs
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Port
  • 1 x RS485
  • 1 x USB Port
  • Communications Supported;
    • HTTP server mode
    • HTTP client mode
    • Modbus TCP
    • SNMP
    • Modbus RTU
  • Reading range: ≤ 10cm
  • Dimensions:  100mm x 100mm x 56mm
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to +40°С
  • Power Supply: PoE 802.3af
  • IP65 Rated

The reader is equipped with RTC real time clock with SNTP synchronization and battery backup. Thanks to the built-in relays, the reader can perform, for example, the function of controlling and monitoring access to a specific place, warehouse and machine. Programming it via the embedded website, the user assigns a TAG (card, keyring) to a specific person, thus granting it access at the User or Master level. These data are then forwarded to the reader. Each use of the TAG is saved in the device’s memory. The user can download them at any time and check who, when and for how long  used the assigned access.The reader can handle 1000 users (in the available option 4000) and register 30,000 events.

The outputs can be run in bistable, astable or temporary modes. Working time can be precisely defined up to 0.1 seconds.

The operating mode of the LEDs and the buzzer can also be individually programmed.



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