MBIO-8AOV - 8-Channel Voltage Output

MBIO-8AOV - 8-Channel Voltage Output
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Low-cost Modbus RS485 based remote IO units, which provide a simple way for integrating analogue or digital signals to supervisory SCADA systems. The MBIO-8AOV has 8 isolated 0-10V outputs.

  • 8 Analogue Outputs
  • 0-10V  output range
  • Resolution - 12 bit (0-4095)
  • load (max) - 2000 Ohms @ 24Vdc
  • Isolation (Field & Logic) - 1500VAC RMS
  • Operating Temperature. -10°C to + 50°C
  • Power Supply - 12-24V DC
  • Dimensions - 100mm x 90mm x 25mm (excluding screw terminals)

The MBIO-8AOV is a 8 channel voltage output module. Each channel can be set to output a current in the range 0 - 10V. The outputs are isolated from the logic and share a common negative terminal.

The resolution is 12 bits, so writing a value to the Modbus register for each output  of 0 - 4095 would give an output current of 0 – 10V. A value of 819 ± 1LSB will give a current output of 2V.

 The module may be used as either a slave or master on the Modbus network. When used with a PC or PLC the module will be configured as a slave. When used with a MBIO-8AIIS module in a point-to-point configuration, the DIP switch 9 must be turned on to set the module up as a master. In this mode the PM8AO module will automatically read the information from the MBIO-8AOI module and write the input status to the outputs.


Configuration Software

IOStudio is a free software package used to configure the communication settings for IO modules on the Modbus network. Once a module is detected, it is possible to view real-time data of the module directly on the PC and it can be used for diagnostic purposes as well.



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