Garage Door Contact Sensor

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Monitor doors remotely with magnetic closure sensors. The GRI-4701-A sensors are designed to eliminate false alarms that are common with standard floor switches getting damaged by fork lifts or other equipment. The contacts are moved up onto the track and out of the way of heavy equipment. These sensors are easy to install and very adjustable. They can attach to a variety of track sizes and can be installed on either side of the door. The sensors can have a gap of up to 3 inches which means mis-alignment due to wear and tear on the door is not a problem. The sensor offers form C contacts so both NO and NC circuits are supported

    The GRI-4801-A can be connected to any ControlByWeb product with a digital input. When the magnet is within proximity of the sensor switch, it will apply a voltage to the digital input, turning it ‘On.’ When the input changes, ControlByWeb module can be configured to send email/text alerts, control remote relays (for alarms at a remote location), and/or log events.

  • Mountable up to 3" apart
  • Contact Form: C
  • Circuit Types: Normally Open/Normally Closed
  • Track Mountablet
  • Left or Right Installation
  • 3 ft Armored Cable
  • Multi-Position Adjustable Magnet Bracket

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