GL240 - 10-Channel midi Logger Chart Recorder

GL240 - 10-Channel midi Logger Chart Recorder
 GL240 - 10-Channel midi Logger Chart RecorderGL240 - 10-Channel midi Logger Chart Recorder 
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Analogue Inputs:  10



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The GL240 is the next generation midi logger following on from the success of the GL220 model. With 10 fully isolated multi-function inputs and 4G of SD Card flash memory and now optional WiFi communications, this logger has an exceptional cost to performance ratio. With its large format colour display, you can easily set up and capture data with the ability to monitor waveforms and digital values during measurements. Its instant replay function makes it easy to review data that has been captured to internal memory or removable USB memory stick storage. Standard PC interface makes GL240 accessible through USB.

  • 10 analogue input channels
    • Programmable per channel
    • ±20 mV to ±100 V over 12 ranges
    • Supports direct-connected thermocouples of any type
    • Full isolation per channel
  • 4 digital input channels
    • Programmable as a group as logic or pulse inputs
    • Pulse inputs support counter or frequency inputs
  • 4 digital alarm outputs
  • Optional WiFi wireless operation
  • Flexible triggering
  • Built-in, 4.3-inch color display
  • Built-in Web server operation for remote operations
  • Removable SD memory support up to 32 GB capacity
  • Operates either stand-alone or PC-connected
  • PC-side software included

graphtec GL-240 midilogger

GL240 is a third-generation data logger product with exceptional price/performance. It’s a 10 analogue channel device augmented by four discrete inputs and outputs. Its discrete inputs can be configured as a group to be either logic inputs or pulse inputs. When configured for pulse, each of the four channels can be configured to measure frequency or to count. The four discrete outputs are alarms that can be triggered by a variety of easily-defined analog and pulse/discrete input channel conditions.

The 10 GL240 analogue input channels may each be configured to measure a direct connected voltage in the range of 20 mV to 100 V full scale across 12 ranges, or for a direct-connected thermocouple of any type to measure temperature. Each of the GL240’s analogue input channels is electrically isolated from other channels and from power ground allowing off-ground measurements using shunts, as well as powered or grounded thermocouples.

The most powerful GL240 feature is its triggering flexibility. Data recording can be independently started or stopped as a function of analog and pulse/discrete signal level (single or windowed), alarm, date and time, and day-of-the-week. Triggers can also be configured to operate only once, or to automatically repeat. The ability to of the GL240 to adapt to virtually any desired trigger condition allows the instrument to operate unattended for long periods of time with complete autonomy.

The GL240 operates either connected to a PC or entirely stand-alone.  Connection to a PC may be over a standard USB or optional wireless  connection. Either connection approach may take advantage of supplied PC-side software to configure, acquire, display, and record digitized information for storage directly to the PC’s HDD. Acquired data may be retrieved for review and analysis after recording, including the ability to export to Microsoft Excel.

Using the GL240’s wireless option enables  the instrument’s networking features, allowing it to be remotely configured and managed using the standard Web browser of any computer or smart phone. Automatic backup of data acquired to a user-accessible SD memory card is
also supported via its FTP facility.

Finally, the measurement reach of a wireless-enabled GL240 is further extended by use of the GL100 accessory. The GL100 wirelessly enables measurements of temperature/humidity, acceleration, CO2, illuminance, ac current, and more.

Maximum sampling rate of up to 10ms

Provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements. Can achieve 10ms sampling interval when limiting the number of channels in use.

Large easy-to-read 4.3-inch wide TFT colour LCD

Utilises a bright clear 4.3-inch wide TFT colour LCD monitor (WQVGA: 480 x 272 dots). Makes it easy to read data in waveform or digital form and to check your measurement parameter settings. The background colour of the screen can be set to black or white.

SD Flash Memory for reliable long term measurement

New GL240 series carries two SD memory card slots for storage device. The SDHC type SD memory card is supported up to 32GB. 4GB SD memory card comes as a standard accessory installed in the first slot. The captured data can be stored in GBD (Graphtec binary data) or CSV file format.

Ring memory function

The most recent data is saved when internal memory or external memory is configured in ring memory mode. Captured data size in ring memory mode is limited to 1/3 of available memory.

Relay capture function

Data is continuously saved to multiple files up to 2GB without losing any data until capturing is stopped when the memory is configured in the relay mode.

Hot-swapping the SD memory card

SD card can be replaced during data capturing when the sampling interval is 100ms or slower.

Easy operation and device setup

Ergonomically designed and easy to operate, just like a mobile device. The input/output terminals and keybord layout are arranged so that it can be operated in hands-on mode even when recording data. Parameters in the AMP settings menu can be easily changed whilst viewing the waveform.

Easy connection to PC

The GL240 can be controlled by a PC if connected by USB cable, allowing transfer of data to a PC in real-time. If you need to move large data files to your PC then the GL240 can emulate an external USB drive for quick data transfer.

Up to 10 units can be connected to 1 PC. Measurements can be performed simultaneously or independently

Wireless measurement using wireless LAN (option)

Wireless LAN option enables the wireless communication with other device. Connects to the GL100-WL wireless unit remotely when the GL240 is set as an access point. When the GL240 is set as a station, a PC and smart devices will be able to access the WLAN unit directly.


Application software for PC

Various measurement screens

Select from 4 screens such as the Y-T (waveform + digital), Y-T (large waveform), digital view and report view to display measurements in real time. The direct-Excel function enables captured data to be written directly to an Excel file.

Data replay screens

Three screens such as the Y-T (waveform), digital and the X-Y graph for specified data are available to view measurements in replay mode. The maximum, minimum, average and peak-to-peak vales between cursors are indicated in the digital display screen.

Simple configuration screens

The number of configuration screens has been reduced to five. Parameters can be set easily while viewing measured waveforms.

Useful functions

Post-process your captured data with useful functions for arithmetic calculation, statistical calculation, search and file format conversion.

Smartphone and Tablet Software (Wifi Required)


Recording Start/Stop, Sampling Interval, Alarm Output (with the mail sending feature). Display/Recording Configurations of GL840/GL240 using the WEB server feature


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