ETH_RS485 Ethernet to RS485 Converter

ETH_RS485 Ethernet to RS485 Converter
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The ETH-RS485 is a DIN rail mount Ethernet to RS485 converter, serial server with wide baud rate, and many operating modes. Users can talk directly to a ETH-RS485 using its IP address or by using the Redirector software, which installs a a virtual com port mapped to its IP address, a pair can be set to communicate to each other directly in Client-Server mode or one unit can be set to transmit data to multiple receivers using UPD.

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  • Ethernet to Serial Converter
  • 1 x RS-485 via screw terminal;
    • Speed : 1200 bps ~ 230.4 Kbps
    • D+, D-
    • Built–in : RS-422/485 pull high / low Resistor
    • Protection : 422/485 Surge & Over Current Protection
    • Built in 15KV ESD protection for all signals
  • 10 Mbps LAN via RJ45
  • Mode : TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, virtual Com, Pairing
  • DIN rail mount Plastic Housing suitable for general applications.
  • LED status indication (Power, Tx, Rx, Lan)
  • Supplied with Virtual Serial port software
  • Power - DC 10 ~ 24V @ 2W via screw terminals
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C – +60°C
  • Dimensions 153 x 90 x 65mm

The ETH-RS485 is an Ethernet RS485 converter that can network-enable your serial devices, such as weigh scales, PLCs, Data acquisition systems, point of sale, bar code scanners, access control systems, gas meters, printers - anything!

Connect it to your network via a standard RJ45 connector, set-up its' IP address and TCP port number and you are away. With the supplied Virtual Com port software you can simply communicate with your serial device as if it were connected to the back of your PC. Programmers can communicate directly with the ETH-RS485 using standard TCP/IP protocols.

A pair of ETH-RS485 can be set up in Client-Server mode where they will send serial data between each other without any PC intervention.

It is also possible to configure an UDP broadcast mode so that data it transmitted from one ETH-RS485 to many devices;


Com Port Redirector

Com Port Redirector (CPR) is software that maps ‘virtual COM’ ports on a PC platform. It redirects application data destined to an attached device via the PC’s local serial (COM) port. Rather than going out the local port, the data is transmitted across the Ethernet network using TCP/IP. A device server attached to the network receives the data and transfers it from its own serial port to the attached equipment.

Conversely, data sent from the networked equipment to the serial port of the device server is transmitted back to the application software on the PC via Ethernet. Com Port Redirector receives the data and presents it to the control application as if it came from a COM port via a local serial connection.


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