TSG200 - 1-wire Co2 Sensor

TSG200 - 1-wire Co2 Sensor
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The TSG200 is a precision carbon dioxide gas sensor. It utilizes 1-Wire interface for communication. The device utilizes advanced NonDispersive InfraRed (NDIR) element. It detects carbon dioxide in a gaseous environment by its characteristic absorption. The signal form NDIR element further is digital signal processed from a microcontroller, thus provide fully calibrated digital output. For use with the TCW220 only.

  • Broad dynamic range (0-10000 ppm) to measure a wide variety of CO2 concentrations;
  • Calibration on fresh air;
  • Excellent long term stability;
  • Resolution as high as 10 ppm;
  • Unique 64-Bit serial number for multiply sensors support.

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