Mux80 AIN Expansion Board

Mux80 AIN Expansion Board
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  • 80 Multiplexed Channels (or 40 Differential Pairs)
  • Built-In DC-DC Converter
  • OEM Capability
  • Easy-To-Use High Density Connectors
  • Snaptrack/DIN-rail compatible, with TE Connectivity P/N TKAD

The Mux80 AIN Expansion Board serves to provide an additional 80 analog inputs to any compatible LabJack. It uses 10 multiplexer chips connected to AIN4-AIN13 and splits each channel into 8 additional channels. When a specific extended analog input channel is read on a U6, UE9, or T7, the digital output MIO lines are automatically set and the correct analog channel is read. The Mux80 has a built-in DC-DC converter which provides the upper and lower rail voltages necessary for powering the multiplexer chips.

Three vertical DB37 connectors provide an easy interface to connect 24 AIN channels each. The remaining connector brings out unused connections (FIO, DAC, etc) from the LabJack, along with the last 8 AIN channels. There are a total of 84 available analog inputs when used in conjunction with a U6, UE9, or T7.

For screw-terminal access, connect a CB37 Terminal Board and reference the chart printed at the top of the Mux80 for connections.



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