AR433 Wireless Universal Input Sensor - Volts, 4-20mA, RTD, Thermocouples

AR433 Wireless Universal Input Sensor - Volts, 4-20mA, RTD, Thermocouples
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Analogue Inputs:  1
Temperature Inputs:  1



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The AR433 is a battery-powered Wireless universal input sensor accepting Volts, mV, 4-20mA, thermocouples, RTD sensors and resistances. Data is transmitted to the AR407 receiver. The AR407 receives data from up to 16 sensors for display in tabular and chart formats, logs the data to internal memory, can generate alarms, with web-server and email support.

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  • Universal measurement input:
    • Resistance Thermometer: Pt100, Ni100 (2- and 3-wire with line resistance compensation)
    • thermocouple: J, K, S, B, R, T, E, N, with cold junction compensation
    • current: 0-20mA, 4-20mA
    • voltage 0-10V, 0-60mV,
    • resistance 0-1000Ω
  • Connection via screw terminals
  • Radio transmission in ISM 868MHz band, range up to 200 m (open space) - depending on the local radio propagation conditions: type and thickness of walls, doors, etc.
  • option of increasing the radio range up to 400 m by activating the function of measurement re-transmission from other sensors  (the re-transmission requires supplying sensors via the mini-USB port, the network may include up to 3 re-transmitters located within the range of AR40x)
  • 7 radio channels enabling independent work seven neighbouring sets of AR40x recorders and related sensors
  • temperature probe integrated in the housing or external
  • option of presenting and recording data with up to 16 sensors of AR431 type in a single AR40x recorder
  • programmable measurement and update period - from AR40x recorder range: 1 min. to 4 hrs.
  • portable housing (IP20) adapted for wall mounting
  • battery power supply (3.6V, AA type), with the batteries replaced by the user
  • long operation with a new battery (up to 4 years, at room temperature, with measurement period > 30 min and uninterrupted radio transmission)
  • free software provided for displaying recorded results as graphics or text (in AR40x) and for configuring the parameters
  • programmable resolution of indications, calibration parameters, identification number (ID) and other configuration parameters
  • parameter configuration via USB serial interface
  • high accuracy, long-term stability of measurements and immunity to interferences
  • compatibility with R&TTE Directive (99/5/EC)
  • measurement accuracy:
    • ± 0.5°C (in the range of -10÷70°C),
    • ±0.5÷1.7°C (in remaining range)



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