CWV-102BR - 10" Windows CE6 Panel PC

CWV-102BR - 10'' Windows CE6 Panel PC
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Special order, 7-21 days  

Special order, 7-21 days

The CWV-102BR combines a 10.2" graphic display and touch interface with a high efficiency industrial controller. It is equipped with Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Embedded, a stable operating system used in many industrial touchscreen applications. The CUWIN offers RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet for external communication. Using the Cortex-A8, 1GHz ARM Processor with 256M of memory, the CWV-102BR is a higher performance brother to the lower cost CuWin6300.

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  • 10.2" wide colour TFT display
  • 800 x 480 resolutions, 260K colors
  • Touch panel
  • SD card supports
  • Ethernet supports
  • RS232 x 2 / RS485 x 1 or RS232 x 3
  • Speaker with Audio output
  • Real time clock (Battery backup)
  • Visual Basic, EVC supports
  • USB I/F (active sync)
  • Keyboard or Mouse supports
  • Cortex-A8, 1GHz ARM Processor
  • Windows CE 6.0
  • 256MB FLASH, 256MB SDRAM
  • Size(WDH) : 284 x 163 x 53.3mm

The CUWIN combines a graphic display and touch interface with a high efficiency industrial controller.

It is equipped with Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Embedded, a stable operating system used in many industrial touchscreen applications. Windows CE supports applications developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and other development tools able to create Windows CE ARM executables. It can also run NSBasic scripts.

Developing for the CUWIN is similar to normal PC program development; anyone with previous PC programming experience can develop CUWIN applications without difficulty. The CUWIN supports the .NET Compact Framework (1.0, 2.0) which reduces development and testing time by allowing the use of cross-platform .NET functions.

The CUWIN can also operate in IntelliLCD Mode, which allows the CUWIN to emulate an IntelliLCD as a drop-in replacement. Existing IntelliLCD applications can upgrade to a CUWIN today, and not lose functionality while the CUWIN native applications are developed.

The CUWIN offers RS232, RS485, and Ethernet for external communication. It can even browse web sites using the internal browser, which is useful for displaying diagnostic data or even remote control panels through a web interface.

Depending on which CUWIN features you choose to access, it can be used for anything fromit can be used for anything from a user interface panel to the main controller for your automation equipment.

Development Environment

The CUWIN can execute Windows CE applications developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Developing for the CUWIN is similar to PC development.

Managed Code (.NET Compact Framework)

The CUWIN supports code developed for the .NET Compact Framework. Managed code can be generated in Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, etc.

Native Code

Application performance can be increased by developing native code instead of managed code. However, the .NET Compact Framework supplies a wide range of useful functions, so native code may require more time to develop. Developing native code requires installing the correct SDK for the target hardware, in this case the CUWIN. Please refer to chapter 4-4 for details regarding the installation of the correct SDK for developing native code. Native code can be developed with tools such as Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Visual Studio 2005 C++ and Basic, etc.

Note - in order to develop the applications for CUWIN by EVC(Embedded Visual C++) or Visual Studio 2005 C++ Tool, CUWIN SDK must be installed. 

For more information, please watch the CuWin demo video;



3rd Party Software

NEW - updated CUWIN Windows CE 6.0 Panel PCs with the necessary operating system components to support Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 and CEView.

Web Studio 8.0 is a development environment and runtime toolkit for creating SCADA HMI applications, dashboards, and OEE interfaces. Applications can be developed on a Windows host PC and executed on our CUWIN Windows CE 6.0 Panel PCs with CEView. More Information >>

Device Features


The CUWIN contains a built-in 0.8W speaker for mono sound. For stereo sound, headphones or external speakers can be connected to the CUWIN using the 3.5mm audio jack.

USB Ports

The CUWIN has one USB Host port and one USB Device port, both capable of USB Low and Full speed operation.

The USB Host port (rectangular USB A-style connector) can be used to connect USB mice, keyboards, and Flash drives. Using more than one USB device at a time will require the use of an external USB hub.

The USB Device port (square USB B-style connector) is used to connect to a desktop computer for device access over ActiveSync

SD Flash Memory

The CUWIN SD memory slot supports cards up to 2 Gigabytes in capacity. SD Flash memory can be used in the following ways:

  • Application storage; images, sounds, log files etc.,. for use with native Windows CE programs or with the IntelliLCD-mode DrawImage, Sound, FCreate and other commands.
  • Custom Truetype fonts. Additional fonts can be placed in a \Fonts directory on the storage card. On the next reboot, the fonts will be recognized automatically.
  • Convenient storage for large programs. The Auto-Run feature can execute a program in an \AutoRun folder on the storage card.


The CUWIN has one 10base-T RJ45 10/100M Ethernet port.


CUWIN-V Series Hardware Manual >>

CUWIN-V User Manual >>

Drivers and SDK >>

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