WE500-2G - Ethernet and GPRS/GSM Modbus Data logger with M2M Cloud Portal

WE500-2G - Ethernet and GPRS/GSM Modbus Data logger with M2M Cloud Portal
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Analogue Inputs:  2
Digital Inputs:  8
Digital Outputs:  2



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GD-02T Temperaure SensorGD-02T Temperaure Sensor

The WE500-2G provides monitoring, alarm, datalogging and control functions via a the GPRS/GSM Network, web interface or optional cloud dashboard for M2M operation. In addition to the 2 analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs  the WE500 can also monitor and record data from external Modbus slaves either over a RS232/RS485 or over the LAN via Modbus TCP. Alarms can be programmed to send emails and SMS text messages as well as activated alarm relays. Logged data can be downloaded via the web interface of via an FTP server.

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  • Remote Monitoring, data-logging, alarm and control unit
  • GPRS/GSM 2G Modem  for remote control via the mobile phone network
  • Web based interface - tabular and graph data views
  • Data logging to internal 1G memory - log rates from 1 per minute to days
  • 2 x RS232 and 1 x RS485 serial port for communication to Modbus slaves
  • Modbus Master and Slave operation via RTU and TCP
  • 8 digital inputs - non-isolated dry contact - pulse counting capabilities
  • 2 relay outputs - 30VDC 1A
  • 2 analogue input (0-5V 0-10V 0-20mA / NTC,)
  • Alarms manager - can perform actions on alarm such as send email, SMS text message and activate an output
  • Events manager - can perform simple control tasks
  • Scheduler - activate events at specific date/time
  • Logged data downloaded via web interface or automatically to a server via FTP or to a DropBox folder
  • Supports SNMP, HTTP:JSON/XML
  • Range of Apps to enhance capabilities - advanced graphics and HMI capabilities
  • Supports IPcam web camera via USB port
  • Optional Cloud dashboard or connect to 3rd party Iot services via dedicated App - currently supports Cumulocity, Carriots, Evrythng, Cloud Of Things
  • SmartPhone App so you can monitor and control on the move
  • Power supply: 9 - 32 VDC (300mA @12V)
  • DIN rail mount
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 45 x 120 x 100 mm
  • operating temperature -10° C to +60° C

The WE500 is a complete, flexible and high performance platform that provides wireless unattended remote monitoring and control with Ethernet or 2G or 3G connectivity. It's the ideal solution for the M2M market in which the remote monitoring, control and data logging are the main applications.


WE500 can be completely configured and monitored directly through its web interface; there is no need to install additional software.


All the data that WE500 monitors can be displayed in real-time using multi-race graphics or tabulates that can be easily exported for further processing.

Monitoring, Events and Alarms

Monitors the system status and detects parameters changes. WE500 provides a sophisticated events and alarm system that allow to send SMS (-3G version), email or rings when it detects changes in activation thresholds, one or more parameters simultaneously or even based in mathematical expressions. In addition the WE500 can set outputs or report data back in response to an email or text message (-3G version) request.

Data logging

Thanks to its 1GB internal memory, the WE500 can log a big volume of data to be read or exported through charts ad tabs. It’s possible to log all variables having a measurable value or status, and the sampling intervals can be different according to the variable type. The collected data can be exported to .csv or .xls files via the web interface,

Remote management

Remotely handles the different functions of a system: switching on/off, parameters settings and thresholds activation. WE500 provides different communication mechanisms for system controlling including standard protocols such as Modbus. The graphical interface and the sequence of pages and sections of the WE500 make the modbus configuration very easy and intuitive under all aspects.

WE500 allows to create two types of modbus networks:

  • Master, in order to read/write registers of a slave device
  • Slave, in order to make available the own data to a master device


WE500 allows to define planned actions, to be executed periodically or only once.


WE500 connectivity is quite flexible since it can be reached through the 2G or 3G modem (-3G version), the local area network (LAN) or even the wireless local area network (-WLAN version). Inputs and outputs can be controlled via email, SMS (-3G version) as well as the web interface. Data can also be periodically sent to the Cloud portal, and FTP server, a DropBox folder or even email as a report.


Although the WE500 is a versatile device its functionalities can be further expanded or new ones added through several available plugins.

These plugins can be self-configuring, such as the sensor plugins, or can offer an easy and intuitive configuration. Plugins autonomously create all the variables, events and pages required for the desired functionality. Through the following plugins it’s possible to integrate the WE500 with several IoT platforms. These plugins allow to send the variables’ values of the system and the device status to the platforms; from those it’s then possible to control and monitor the WE500.

SmartPhone App

We control 500 is the new app that allows you to control and monitor the WE500 from a mobile device.

WE500 M2M Web Portal

The WE500 Web Portal allows multiple WE500's in different sites to be viewed and controlled all from within a single dashboard that can be accessed from any web device anywhere in the world.

  • Create multiple users with different access levels
  • List view showing all devices and the states of their IO
  • Map view showing the location
  • Tabular and chart display of all variables and events
  • HMI view - use a background image and annotate with real time data
  • Cloud datalogging - secure data backup - always available
  • Secure communications through standard encryption protocols


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