MA-UNI - Universal Input 5B Signal Conditioning Module

MA-UNI - Universal Input 5B Signal Conditioning Module
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The MA-UNI is a 5B signal conditioning module that can accept a wide range if input types including volts, mA, resistance, thermocoules, strain gauges and LVDTs and outputs a standard ±5V analogue signal for connection to data acqusition systems. The unit offers full isolation, 3 low-pass filter options and gain/offset adjustment controls.


  • 10kHz bandwidth
  • 5B compatible
  • galvanic isolation
  • for Volts, Current, Restistance, strain gauge measuring bridges, and LVDTs (inductive distance sensors)
  • 3 switchable filter cut-off frequencies
  • many switchable input ranges (max. ±10V)
  • adjustable with potentiometers
  • 4mA, 100µA DC, ±2.5V DC, or 2V eff at 5kHz AC for sensor supply
  • DC or AC decoupled

TheMA-UNI(Measurement Amplifier Universal) is an electrically isolating universal measuring module, which complies with the 5B industrial standard and is suitable for almost all common measuring quantities and measuring transducers.

With the MA-UNI, voltages, current and resistance can be measured directly. Inductive and resistive measuring bridges as well as active or passive sensors can also be connected. Even tacho generators for speed measurement are possible.

The MA-UNIcan be used for almost any measurements, in which a measured physical quantity must be conditioned to provide a scaled analog voltage signal. Almost all common measuring sensors are connectable to the module. The module
can also be adapted for other measuring ranges and measuring tasks using only a
few components.

The configuration of the operating modes and the filter cut-off frequencies is set by DIP switches at the front. Offset and gain are calibrated with trimmer potentiometers. One DIP switch will increase the offset adjustment range.


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