AR715 Flow and Pulse Counter Panel Meter

AR715 Flow and Pulse Counter Panel Meter
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The AR715 is a LED panel meter of the standard DIN 96x48mm format accepting pulse inputs from flow meters, tachos, incremental encoders and other pulse output devices. It also features an RS485 port with Modbus comms, 2 alarm relay outputs and analogue retransmission of the count vale.

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  • configurable measurement mode:
    • measurement of flow and balance
    • pulse counter
    • incremental encoder (measurement of rotational speed, rate of turn, shifts)
    • dispenser (simultaneous dosing and counting)
    • frequency measurement
    • remote display via RS485, MODBUS-RTU, slave
  • maximum measurement frequency:
    • 10kHz - for a flow, frequency, rotational speed
    • 30kHz - for the counter with PNP output
    • 100kHz - for the counter with NPN output
  • balance capacity: 2x10^9 [units] with sign (-1999999999 ÷ 1999999999), 10 digits when the position of dot is equal to 0
  • universal pulse inputs (IN1, IN2) for flow meters, presence sensors, encoders with outputs:
    • open collector of NPN type
    • open collector of PNP type
    • contact (reed, mechanical)
  • additional inputs:
    • S - start/stop of counting (permission for counting)
    • R - reset of counter/balance
    • B - binary input of the programmable function
  • 2 relay outputs or optionally SSR with programmable operational characteristics
  • analogue output 0/4÷20mA or 0/2÷10V (alarm, retransmission)
  • built-in power supply adapter to power the flowmeters, encoders and other sensors 24V/50mA
  • four-colour LED display with adjustable brightness
  • access to configuration parameters protected by a user password or no password required
  • programming via 4-button membrane keypad or digital interface
  • programmable function button ("F") and binary input for changing the operational modes: keypad lock, unconditional manual mode for outputs, HOLD function for displaying flow measurements, dosing start/stop
  • programmable options for communication, alarms, and other configuration parameters
  • methods for configuring parameters:
    • via membrane keyboard (IP65) located on the front panel of the device;
    • via RS485 port or PRG (AR956/955 programmer) and freeware ARsoft-LOG (Windows 7/8/10), MODBUS-RTU
  • software and programmer allow you to view the measured value and quickly configure single or few sets of parameters previously saved in the computer for re-use, e.g. in other devices of the same type (duplicate configuration)
  • high accuracy and resistance to interference occurring in industrial environments
  • panel housing 96x48 mm, IP65 from the front, IP20 from the connectors


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