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QMBox - You choose your Data Acquisition IO mix

Wednesday, 19 September 2012  |  Admin

The QMBox series devices consist of one or more modules installed in a single case. These can be modules of ADC, DAC, digital I/O, relay switching, etc. Modules in one device can have any configuration, therefore a suitable QMBox device can be selected for practically any task of measurement and control automation.

You need a device that allows you to:

  • measure and record temperature
  • turn on and off the heating installation
  • interrogate the state of power switches

 Each QMBox device may contain from one to eight multi-channel cards - choose the case that suits the number of channels you need;



The QMLab software suite is a universal software tool for working with QMBox devices. It allows performing most standard tasks within measurement automation.

The QMLab suite includes:

  • data recorder
  • oscilloscope
  • spectrum analyzer
  • generator of analogue signals
  • primary data processing unit

Primary data processing may include calibration, averaging, normalization in accordance with IEC for a specific type of sensor, as well as a more complex mathematical processing. For example, for thermocouples there is an automatic software compensation of cold junction and linearization of the transfer parameter.

Obtained data is saved in standard text and binary formats suitable for conventional and specialized data processing programs (Excel, MathLAB, Cool Edit pro, etc.).

The generator of analogue signals, included in QMLab software suite, supports all QMBox series DAC devices. The program allows you to use the DAC as a multichannel generator of sinusoidal signals, DC signals, as well as signals of arbitrary waveforms (by “playing” through the DAC user’s binary files of arbitrary length).

QMLab software suite is free of charge and it is supplied with all our devices.


Software development kit (SDK package)

Apart from the complete QMLab software suite, the QMBox delivery set includes an SDK package. It consists of software and documentation designed for users who would like to create their own applications for working with QMBox devices. SDK software consists of function libraries (API) and examples of software development.

The user has a possibility to create full-blown applications using just a limited number of library functions. These library functions are written so that even an inexperienced programmer who is not well-versed in multithreaded and object-oriented programming can work with QMBox devices.

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