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Friday, 13 October 2017  |  Admin

Today we are excited to release 4 new products.

X-410 Web-Enabled Programmable Controller

The X-410 is the first unit to be release from the new X-400 series.  It is a fully-featured, Ethernet I/O control module with an innovative solution for creating advance logic (tasks) without the need for scripting. With the X-410, you can control, monitor, and log up to 100 inputs and/or outputs from up to 32 remote I/O modules using the X-410's intuitive web interface. 


It has 4 relay outputs, 4 digital inputs, four pulse counters, and a 1-wire bus that supports 16 sensors (temperature and humidity). 

Special Features:

It will graph data, send encrypted emails, and monitor its power supply.  The best part of the X-410 is the new user interface.  With the new interface, creating tasks, controlling relays, setting inputs, and all other functions are done with ease.  Even advanced tasks can be created with no scripting necessary. 

Another great feature, with the X-410, you can add devices remotely and it can act as a controller for up to 100 I/O.

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WebRelay Wireless

The XW-210 has the similar look and feel as the ever popular WebRelay, but it is a Wi-Fi device.

The XW-210 is an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled relay, temperature monitor and status alerting device. It has a built-in relay for controlling lights, motors and other relatively high current loads, a digital input which can be used to monitor and report the status of switch closure sensors and a “1-wire” port for connecting up to four digital temperature or other Xytronix 1-wire sensors. The XW-210 is ideal for applications where devices must be controlled or where temperature or events must be monitored and Ethernet wiring is not accessible or practical to install. The module is powered by an external wall transformer (9-28 VDC), solar panel, or other DC power source.

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X-TC1W-K - Thermocouple to 1-Wire Adapter

When a thermocouple is needed to monitor extreme temperatures or for difficult mounting applications, we now have a thermocouple to 1-Wire adapter that can be used with our 1-wire devices.  Thermocouples come in a wide range of wires and are readily available from many suppliers.  The X-TC1W-K works with all Type K thermocouples (-200°C to 1250°C).

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X-DTHS-P Temperature and Humidity Probe

A new temperature humidity sensor for a broad range of industrial application.  A single probe to monitor both temperature and humidity in indoor/outdoor conditions, freezers, coolers, warehouses, factories, ducts, and many more applications.  It is easy to install with a thru-wall mounting bracket, or an easy clip on mounting bracket and has a bronze filter to protect the sensor from dust and insects.   

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Latest News
Thursday, 27 July 2017  |  Admin
LAN-AD16f - High Speed Data Acquisition unit - Digitally Extremely Powerful

The LAN-AD16fx is a professional but low cost Ethernet based multi-function data acquisition device capable of recording 16 analogue signals with a resolution of 16 bit and a sampling rate of 250kHz, ideal for high speed data acquisition and transient recording.

In addition the LAN-AD16f offers a synchronous acquisition of digital signals.The LAN-AD16fx is equipped with 32 digital channels which can be used as input or output. Control functions can be run by via digital outputs.

All these digital signals are acquired and stored in the sampling clock in synchronism with the analogue channels and also in real time.

Thursday, 20 July 2017  |  Admin
Industrial Ardunio - a real alternative to traditional big-name PLCs

Arduino is a low-cost open-source electronic board system that is capable of controlling just about any DIY hardware project, from robotics to art projects and just about everything in between.

For the process control engineer Arduino based control system may be an interesting and cost-effective alternative to traditional big-name PLC offerings. By adopting the Industrial Arduino PLC route, the Process Control Engineer can reduce control system costs, offer a increase in functionality and improve continuity of supply.

Audon Electronics Ltd can supply such Industrial Arduino PLCs - see here for more information >>

Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Admin
Building Lockdown over a LAN - no new wiring needed

Instantly trigger a lockdown of an office or school facility with a physical panic button, or with the CBW LockDown app from any location in the building or campus using Audon Electronics Ltd products.

Audon Electronics ControlByWeb products are highly versatile and have a variety of input/output options to fit your existing system. There are also many custom control and monitoring features that can be added. For example, once a building lockdown is enabled, you can configure it to only be disabled by a password-protected web control panel.

This architecture takes advantage of the existing IP network and wiring infrastructure in a school or office so no new wiring or expensive installation re-work is required!

Monday, 14 September 2015  |  Admin
Tuesday, 3 June 2014  |  Admin

A common problem encountered by alarm panel installers is how to transmit a digital contact alarm signal across a site to reproduce the signal at some remote point using the sites Local Area Network. Fortunately, Audon Electronics has a number of products that achieve just this!