Building Lockdown over a LAN - no new wiring needed

Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Admin

Building Lockdown in under 1 Second - With the push of one button

Instantly trigger a lockdown of an office or school facility with a physical panic button, or with the CBW LockDown app from any location in the building or campus using Audon Electronics Ltd products.

Audon Electronics ControlByWeb products are highly versatile and have a variety of input/output options to fit your existing system. There are also many custom control and monitoring features that can be added. For example, once a building lockdown is enabled, you can configure it to only be disabled by a password-protected web control panel.

This architecture takes advantage of the existing IP network and wiring infrastructure in a school or office so no new wiring or expensive installation re-work is required!

Suitable Products

For simple applications use the WebRelay

The WebRelay has a single digital input, to connect to a physical  panic button and a relay output, to activate door locks, alarms, lights etc. The WebRelay also has a built-in Web browser interface, so it can be activated from any PC on the network: the WebRelay can also be triggered by the LockDown App.

A WebRelay can be configured to mimic the state of another WebRelay so it is possible to daisy-chain many WebRelays anywhere on your LAN. The main WebRelay when activated then activates a second, which in turn activates a third and so on until all are activated. This whole process takes a fraction of a second.

Intermediate projects may consider the X-310 as the controller talking to remote WebRelays as before.

The X-310 has four contact inputs and four built-in relays for controlling local sirens, lamps etc. The X-310 also has advanced features such as email support and a built-in calender that could be used to scheduled control such as ringing the school bell at the end of lessons. The X-310 can control 16 WebRelays directly.

Advanced users may like to consider the X-600 System which can control over 1000 relay outputs and has a whole range of advanced features such as scheduling, event logs, temperature measurements and heating control.

Lockdown App

This app triggers a lock down of schools, campuses, office buildings, and large complexes in LESS than a SECOND with the touch of a button!

The LockDown app acts as a virtual panic button for teachers, employees, administrators, etc. This app combined with Audon Electronics Controbyweb products are the building blocks needed to create a customized lockdown system for an instant lockdown solution in the event of an emergency.




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