EDAM-5015 - 12 Channel RTD DAQ Unit

EDAM-5015 - 12 Channel RTD DAQ Unit
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Analogue Inputs:  12


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1 in stock, immediate despatch

The eDAM-9015 is a member of the eDAM-9000 range of industrial Ethernet Modbus TCP data acquisition and control units. The eDAM-9015 can accept up to 12 3-wire platinum resistance thermometers. The eDAM-9015 connects to standard 10/100 LAN via a RJ45 connector and supports the popular Modus/TCP protocol or simple ASCII for easy integration with most SCADA systems. Also features built-in web server for simple monitoring and control.

  • 12 Isolated RTD inputs at 16-bits
  • lnput type: PT100, PT1000, Balco 500 & Ni
    • PT100 -50 ~ 150°C ,0 ~ 100°C ,0 ~ 200°C ,0 ~ 400°C ,-200 ~ 200°C ,
    • PT1000 -40 ~ 160°C
    • Balco 500 -30 ~ 120°C
    • Ni -80 ~ 100°C ,0 ~ 100°C
  • Sampling rate: 10 Samples/Sec. (Normal Mode)
  • Accuracy - ±0.05% or better
  • Overvoltage Protection: +/-60V
  • Isolation Voltage: 2000Vdc
  • Communication - USB2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, RS485/232C (USB Win 32-bit only)
  • Protocol - Modbus/TCP on TCP/IP and RTU on UDP/IP, USB or RS232/RS485, ASCII commands
  • Operating Temperature: - 10 to 70º C
  • Power:
    • USB powered (if USB connection)
    • External power with unregulated 10 to 30VDC
  • Status Indicator: Power, Communication (Ethernet, USB, RS485/232)
  • DIN Rail mount
  • Dimensions - 135mm x 104mm x 29mm

The EDAM-5015 is a 16-bit, 12-channel RTD input module that provides programmable input ranges on all channels. It accepts Various 2 or 3 wire RTD inputs (PT100, PT1000, Balco 500 & Ni) and provides data to the host computer in °C or °F engineering units. 

The eDAM-5015 can connect to standard 10/100 LAN via a RJ45 connector or a USB port utilizing a Virtual Serial Port or a RS232 or RS485 connection. It supports the popular Modus/TCP or Modbus RTU protocols as well as simple ADAM-compatible ASCII protocol for easy integration with most SCADA systems such as DAQFactory and data logging packages. The EDAM-5015 can can accept connections to all communication interfaces simultaneously

The Utility software offers a graphical interface that helps you configure the EDAM-5000 modules. It is also very convenient to test and monitor your remote DAQ system.



There are several way to communicate with the eDAM-5000 series.

ASCII commands - Command Syntax: [delimiter character][address][channel][command][ data][checksum][carriage return]

MODBUS/TCP /RTU- standard MODBUS read/write commands are supported - please see manual

TCPDAQ ActiveX Control

TCPDAQ.OCX is a collection of ActiveX controls for performing I/O operations within any compatible ActiveX control container

DLL and ActiveX with programming examples 


User Manual >>

Drivers and Software (Windows 32-bit only) >>

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