WTD618X Ethernet Modbus TCP - 8-Ch Analogue Input Unit, Volts, mA, Thermocouples

WTD618X Ethernet Modbus TCP - 8-Ch Analogue Input Unit, Volts, mA, Thermocouples
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The WTD618X is a Ethernet Modbus TCP analogue input unit with 8 differential universal inputs supporting volts, 4-20mA and thermocouples. Part of a no-frills industrial range featuring 3-way isolation, dual LAN ports for easy daisy chaining, DIN rail mount with the ability to stack modules one on top of another, watchdog with settable output state condition on comms fail. Compatible with all SCADA software talking Modbus/TCP.

  • 8 isolated, differential analogue inputs
    • Voltage Ranges: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, ±1V, ±500mV, ±100mV, ±20mV;
    • Current input ranges: ±20mA, +4-20mA
    • Thermocouple Types: J, K, T, E, R, S
  • ADC Resolution: 16-bit
  • Sample Accuracy: ± 0.05%
  • Sample Rate: 50 sampling points/sec
  • Input Low-pass Filtering, Over-voltage Protection
  • Upper and Lower Over-limit Alarm Output, Independent Enabling
  • High Common-mode Voltage: 200 VDC
  • Dual RJ45 10/100 Base Tx - for daisy chaining
  • Protocol - Modbus/TCP
  • LED Indicators for Power, Status, Comms
  • Watchdog
  • 3-way Isolation between Power Supply and IO
  • Operating Temperature: - 20 to 70º C
  • Power: 10 to 48VDC
  • DIN Rail mount - stackable
  • Dimensions - 98mm x 106mm x 47mm


Dual Ethernet Ports

The dual ports allow for easy daisy-chaining of units.


Flush mounted or fitted to a a standard DIN rail, multiple units can be stacked on on top of each other to provide a compact installation.


A watchdog timer can force outputs to preset states on LAN fail (can be disabled)


Industrial grade isolation between the Power supply, IO and Ethernet port

Included Software

The unit is configured using the free WTDUtility Software. This can be used to set the units' IP address and to set the input ranges.


Optional Software


RealView is a Windows data logging and chart recorder application, which records and plots measured values from analogue hardware devices in real-time. Several curves can be plotted into a single chart. Several charts can be arranged on one or more pages if necessary. Plot options like pen width or pen colour can be altered to suit. Chart screen shots can be captured, charts printed with annotations and raw data can be exported to Excel.

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ProfiLab Expert is a low cost graphical programming software package for data acquisition and control applications. No programing experience is needed, programs are written by connecting function blocks together with wires. Professional user panels can be designed with custom controls, and the whole program can be compiled into a stand-alone executable file, with no run-time penalties.

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DAQFactory is a low cost data acquisition and control software for SCADA, Factory Automation, HMI and Test and Measurement applications. DAQFactory provides all the tools needed to acquire data, log it, share it on a network, display it on the screen, graph it, analyse it, and automate your project. DAQFactory can communicate with just about any serial or Ethernet device using Modbus RTU, ASCII or Modbus/ TCP. It also supports a wide variety of DAQ devices including LabJack USB devices and many other DAQ cards.

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