SDM-8I8O - 8 Digital Input, 8 Transistor Output RS485 Modbus RTU

SDM-8I8O - 8 Digital Input, 8 Transistor Output RS485 Modbus RTU
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Digital Inputs:  8
Digital Outputs:  8
Pulse Counter Inputs:  8



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The MODBUS-Standard range is a cost effective solution when a general purpose Modbus IO range is required. The SDM-8I8O has 8 opto-isolated digital inputs with pulse counting and quadrature encoder support and 8 Transistor Outputs. Can be configured for Modbus ASCII or RTU. Programmed via USB connection.

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  • 8 opto-isolated digital inputs
  • closed contact or digital input
  • logic low - 0-3V, logic high 6-36V
  • 8 configurable 32-bit counters - timers
  • 1 kHz max count rate
  • 1 quad encoder inputs
  • 8 PNP Transistor Outputs
  • 55V @ 250mA per output
  • RS485 - Modbus settavble to ASCII or RTU
  • Baud rate from 2400 to 115200
  • DIP Switch for address setting
  • USB programming port - free software
  • Supply voltage: 12-24 V DC ± 20%
  • Supply Current: 60 mA @ 12V / 40 mA @ 24V
  • Up to 128 modules on RS485 network
  • DIN rail mount
  • Ribbon connector for module-to-module connection
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 88mm x 62mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °C - +50°C

The SDM-8I8O has 8 digital inputs with configurable timer/counter option and 8 high-power transistor outputs. Each channel can be individually configured in one of several modes.This module is connected to the RS485 bus with twisted-pair wire. Communication is via MODBUS RTU or MODBUS ASCII. The baud rate is configurable from 2400 to 115200. 

The module is designed for mounting on a DIN rail in accordance with DIN EN 5002. The module is equipped with a set of LEDs used to indicate the status of inputs and outputs useful for diagnostic purposes and helping to find errors.



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