TCW181B - Ethernet Relay Unit, 8 Relays,1 Digital Input

TCW181B - Ethernet Relay Unit, 8 Relays,1 Digital Input
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The TCW181B is an Ethernet I/O controller with 8 x relays and 1 x digital input. Supports SNMP, XML and HTTP API commands and can email alert messages on digital input state change. The TCW181B can be used as standalone or as a part of control and monitoring systems. The device is enclosed in slim plastic box, with a DIN-rail mounts.

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  • Ethernet Alarm and control unit
  • 8 x 3A/ 30VAC, 24VDC change-over relay outputs
  • 1 digital input - 5V logic or contact closure
  • SNMP v.1, SMTP, ICMP, VLAN support
  • Sending SNMP Traps messages under certain conditions
  • XML and HTTP API commands
  • E-mail messages on digital input state change
  • Password protected web based configuration and control
  • 10 Mbit Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote FTP firmware update
  • Drivers for ProfiLab Software >>
  • DIN rail enclosure
  • Dimensions: 72mm x 50mm x 18mm
The TCW181B is 8-Relay Ethernet controller, which is designed to work in IP-based networks and managed by WEB interface or SNMP programs. This device can be used as standalone or as a part of control and monitoring systems. Its I/O interface - 8 relay outputs and 1 digital input, is suitable for solving specific problems in various fields such as remote control, process automation, home automation and others. The device is enclosed in slim plastic box, with a DIN-rail mounting.

Control over LAN

The controlled device is connected in series with the relay contacts. Users can operate TCW181B using a web browser or by using custom SNMP applications. The relay outputs are managed independently of each other.


The web based interface allows the TCW181B to be configured, controlled and monitored via web browser.


After successful authorization, the Monitoring page appears:


The Monitoring page provides information about the state of the digital input and relay output of the controller. To change the state of the relays , the “ON/OFF” buttons should be pressed. If the Pulse button is pressed the relay will change its state for the time specified in the “Pulse Duration” field in the “I/O Setup ” page. Three buttons are located on the bottom of the page:
  • All ON – clicking this button will turn all relays ON
  • All OFF – clicking this button will turn all relays OFF
  • Pulse All – clicking this button will change the states of all relay outputs fir the time specified in the “Pulse Duration” field in the “I/O Setup ” page.
I/O setup page

The following parameters can be set for the relays:
  • Description – brief description of the output, maximum 10 characters should be used.
  • Pulse Duration – time for which the relay changes its state, by pushing the "Pulse" button on "Monitoring" page. This setting applies to all 8 relays

Demo Page >> (admin, admin)

Control and monitoring using SNMP   

TCW181B can be configured and monitored through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). This could be done using every SNMPv.1 compatible program.


The TCW181B can be set to send e-mail alerts if an event occurs on the digital input. The lowing fields should be filled:
  • Mail to – recipient e-mail address
  • Subject – e-mail subject
  • Message – e-mail body

XML and HTTP API commands  

XML is often preferred choice when it comes to M2M communication and system integration. The monitored values are transmitted in status.xml file that can be easily processed by software applications.

The relay outputs can also be controlled by sending HTTP commands.

TC Monitor Software

TC Monitor is easy to use Windows application for monitoring and control of TCW products. TC Monitor can collect and display data from controllers installed in different locations (sites). The collected data is stored in SQL database and can be displayed or exported in MS Excel format for further analysis. TC Monitor has a simple web interface, which enables easy and fast configuration. Monitored parameters can be 1-wire sensors, digital and analog inputs and relay outputs.

The free version of TC Monitor provides 10 credits, this means up to 10 different parameters can be monitored and logged. More Information >>

Optional Software


ProfiLab-Expert is a low cost graphical programming software package for data acquisition and control applications. No programing experience is needed, programs are written by connecting function blocks together with wires. Professional user panels can be designed with custom controls, and the whole program can be compiled into a stand-alone executable file, with no run-time penalties.

More Information >>


User Manual >>

TCW Discover Utility >>

MIB Table >>

TC Monitor Manual >>

TC Monitor Download >>

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