S6021 2-Channel 0-20mA Datalogger with LCD

S6021 2-Channel 0-20mA Datalogger with LCD
S6021 2-Channel 0-20mA Datalogger with LCDS6021 2-Channel 0-20mA Datalogger with LCDS6021 2-Channel 0-20mA Datalogger with LCD
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Analogue Inputs:  2
Digital Inputs:  1



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The S6021 is a dual channel 4-20mA current loop datalogger that can store data with a date and time stamp to internal memory. Up to 32,504 readings can be recorded. In addition the state of a digital input can also be recorded. After a logging session, data can be transferred to a PC  for further analysis via optional USB, RS232, GSM or Ethernet interface. Self contained with internal battery and LCD display.

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  • 2 x current loop inputs - 0-20mA, 4-20mA
  • 1 x digital input - volt free contact or voltage
  • Analogue Input Resolution: 7900 levels
  • Data logging interval: adjustable from 10s to 24h
  • Display and alarm refresh: each 10s
  • Data logging modes:
    • noncyclic - data logging stops after filling the memory
    • cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
  • Total memory capacity: 32504 records in noncyclic logging mode, 28896 records in cyclic logging mode
  • Power: Lithium battery 3.6V, size AA
  • Typical battery life in low-power mode (1 minute sampling): 6 years
  • Battery life in continuous on-line mode with interval 1 minute:    4 years
  • Inputs via 9-way D-type connector
  • Dimensions without connectors: 93 x 64 x 29mm
  • NEW - Android App for data download

The S6021 is a 2-channel 0-20mA datalogger where current loop signals are recorded and stored in internal memory for download and analysis at a later date. In addition, the S6021 can record the state of a digital input. Data can be stored in memory in adjustable intervals from once every 10 seconds to once every 24 hours. Measured values together with maximum and minimum values can be displayed in the LCD display. The 0-20mA signal can be scaled to meaningful engineering units.

All logger configuration is performed from a PCusing the free software. The program allows control of all logger functions and viewing and printing of recorded data in numerical and simple graphic format. It is possible to export recorded values to dbf or txt formats for further analysis in spreadsheets like Excel.

Logging can be started/stopped immediately, at a specific date/time and be using a signal applied to the digital input.

Logging mode can be adjusted as cyclic and non-cyclic.  In cyclic mode the oldest stored values are overwritten by new data. With non-cyclic, logging ceases when the memory becomes full.

It is also possible set such that logging only occurs when the input signals exceed an alarm threshold.

Stored values can be transferred from logger memory to the PC by means of an optional communication adapter. The optional communication adapter can be connected to the logger permanently – data logging is not interrupted even during data download.


The free SWR001 software is designed for communication with data loggers, read out the configuration of the device and setting up the parameters.
It also allows to read out the data from the device in order to get the measured values.
For the temperature and humidity devices is possible to select one counted value (dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy).

Data can be viewed and printed as table or graph. It it also possible to export the data to DBF or TXT files. You can change the axis and select any time range to view or print out the data. It is allowed to zoom the graph, modify the drawing width and the its color. It is also possible to separate the quantities from each other and print some of them or all of them separately.


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